Monday, April 7, 2014

Welcome April 2014

First entry for this year...Lul

Hai hai hai 2014...😃

Hohoho...Editing post using my phone for the first time eva. of coz my new phone la kan Oh, by the way, Happy New Year!!! Haha I know I know..its late already. Alaa..nvm la 😜

Haaaaih...why I'm so blurrr? Such a long time since my last update right. Don't know what to type already. No idea liao. *ehh why my english sounds like chinese* 

Actually, I do have a lots of moments that I really want to share here. But maybe later when I got the maniac real mood to play around. So

Ja na. Sayonara!

Mr. Always Google Everything

P/S : love that smile and sepet eyes 

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